Thursday, April 8, 2010

'Le Poulet' Stepping Out in WHITE!

My chandelier is up and sooo beautiful, I couldn't be happier
with it...then you ask, why aren't I showing it then?
dining room
it's got some unfinished business...
I have a HUGE problem, a very unsightly problem...

Years ago, maybe 20 or so, I just had to have shelves
up in my dining room...I know what you're thinking,
of course, we ALL looove shelves to display our treasures!
But I didn't just settle for any ole self,
ohhh no,
 I wanted cute little country shelves surrounding my 'Oh so Little dining room'.
I thought it would be a piece of cake taking them down and
maybe I'd even like them up in my itsy little craft room, to help
out with my cramped enviroment...but my MacGiver explains
(being the painter in the family) that because the shelves have
been painted around at least twice and possibly three times,
they'd leave an unsightly ring around the tub...I mean room, sooo
you see my dilemma, he says the room would have to be sanded and
re-textured, so he tells me the shelves are now part of the room...
I've decided if that's so, then they of course have to be white and I'll
just load them up with something I looove!

Like I said, he's the painter (that's what he does for a living),
and he's up to his eyeballs in work(I'm not complaining), but,
he can't take the time right now to paint them and truthfully he
will do a much better job than I would, so I'm resigned
to either getting my nerve up to show you my
beautiful chandelier, that would also show my unsightly
80's country shelves...or wait until he can make them
a bit more tolerable for me!

So in the mean time, as you know by now, I looove going
to thrift stores and I usually go at least once a week
or twice if I feel the need, so I'm able to find some pretty
cool pieces once in awhile.  I've decided to share
a fun little couple that I found a few months ago, but
just painted this last week, I'm pretty happy with
how they fit in, maybe someday you'll even see
them on my dining room table!

'Le Poulet'
the rooster

The sweet couple...

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Wanda Lee Of The Plumed Pen said...

Those darling roosters have undergone such a wonderful transformation; I love them painted white!~ Good for you; a great find!

I can't wait to see the rest of the room with the shelves painted and especially that oh so lovely new chandelier of yours!..,Good things do indeed come to those who wait!..,

Please also pop by to visit and also enjoy ' a cup of tea or coffee'.

Cheers from Wanda Lee

Sheila said...

Debbie, I am sure your dining room is already a wonderful place.. If you want to show us the chandelier before the shelves get painted do a little trick photography.. Or if you see the part of the shelves that would show in the photo you could always put like a few white doily's on there with a few of your favorite pieces .. But i am sure that all of us are more then anxious to see your pretty chandelier you are so proud of we would not pay attention to the things you are not so proud of..

Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie, i love your white roosters!I love your pillows in the background.I am also a thrift store addict, i find the best things there for pennies...Kathy

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Love the roosters painted white. Isn't it amazing what a little paint does to create such a treasure. Gorgeous. Hugs, Marty

Suzanne said...

Love your roosters. We all appreciate a make over every now and then. I can also appreciate the problem with the shelves and walls -- redecorating is rarely easy! ;o)

fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

the roosters turn out pretty in white! great job.. cant wait to see your dining room make over

Victoria said...

The roosters looks so good in white!

Maybe when your dining room is complete you'll let us see some before pics:)

Susan said...

Your roosters look so much better!!

shabbyrosetreasures said...

Oh my gosh you are too funny with the shelves issue! I am refusing to post pics of my kitchen because I painted it red and it does not match everything else I am doing!!!If you have a minute stop by
I am giving away a pretty rose teapot for April!

Anonymous said...

Had to come see your rooster redo!