Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Our Little Cottage Playhouse Project!

We've been ever so lucky as to have
this doghouse, playhouse given to us, by a
neighbor. It was left by renters, built for their
two dogs (that never liked it)! I thought from
the beginning, that it would be a darling
like our Granddaughters!
Don't you agree?
This picture will be the official BEFORE pic!
Grandpa's a house painter and very busy during the summer
months,(usually working until dark o'clock),
this project will be a labor of love,
worked on during moments of inspiration and
with visions of little girls dreams, smiles, giggles & laughter
 coming from the direction of this teeny tiny cottage
in our backyard! 

Ohhh sooooo much work to do!!!

But the AFTER picture in my head is what

This picture below is exactly what I invision when I think of the
perfect little girls playhouse!
This gorgeous playhouse, is Linda McDonald's daughters,
you can see and read all about it in Linda's blog,

(image from Restyled Home)
Always, Debbie~

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Kelly Biggs at My Dear Trash said...

Thank you so much for visiting My Dear Trash and sending me over to see the before pic of your playhouse. I laughed when I saw your inspiration photo, as this was also my inspiration photo. Saw it on Design Dazzle. Small Blog World. Good luck- can't wait to see the transformation.