Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I'm a bit of a tree hugger, I looove my lil corner of 'Mother Earth'!

A few weeks ago we had a pretty bad wind storm, which
kept me awake for a few hours, at one point I was up
and actually heard a tree snap. I thought it was one
of my neighbors, but sadly we found out the next day
it was a HUGE limb from one of our giant Maple trees!
It hung up on limbs high above and was very dangerous!
My Dad has always called them 'Widow Makers', not a
very nice thought at all! We weren't really able to
enjoy ourselves outside, knowing it could and would
eventually fall!

Even though our two maples are a huge amount of work
every Fall, I adore them, I love having my own little
eco system right in my own back yard, my own small
forest that give so much to us, and several critters
call it home. Between our two maple trees & several
cedar trees, our back yard is always a shady peaceful
haven for all of us that co-exsist in this habitat!

I looove my trees and yesterday we lost one and my
heart is saddened by it's loss!

You get the jest of how majestic this beautiful Maple is!

This is the limb that broke off, it looks like a small limb,
but it's HUGE and very dangerous!

...and there he is, I'll just call him 'Jack' for lumber
jack, the man with the saw!

He's just started cutting some limbs...

and the next thing you know Maple looks like this!

I'm glad I wasn't home to watch.

A long day for six men working non-stop, they did a great job
cleaning up after it was down too!

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Critters Comforts Boutique and Covered in Chocolate Bakery Shoppe said...

Awww Deb's I know exactly how you feel! We lost a spruce pine tree in our back yard 8 years ago that had to be over 500 years old if not more. We were home and we did cry as she was cut down. I never want to experience that again.