Monday, February 1, 2010

Lulu's first cupcakes at Nana's house!

I just had to share this with you! All of us who've
ever been a Mom, Grandma, sister or special Auntie
know, these moments are precious and to be cherished~
She had so much fun making these cupcakes, her Dad was sick and
she was excited to take them home to him!
Sooo cute!
She'd just turned 3 a few days before this, so this was
extra special!

Her Nana's heart could burst!

She likes the way they turned out and just had to see how
they smelled...MMMMMmmmm,they passed the test, sadly we
got busy and I forgot to grab the camera when she ate one!

Always, Debbie~

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Mem said...

Awe Lulu is SO adorable! I love the way you did those pictures. Makes it look like we are right in the kitchen with her. Now, to grab one of those cupcakes...YUM!