Sunday, December 21, 2008

Costco Trip for Snow Storm Supplies! (Yet another adventure of the little 'Lego Workerman'!

While we were all on alert for the
incoming Storm, Jerry & I headed to
Costco yesterday via old 99. We
should have known, the outcome of
taking 99, because it took us forever
just to get onto it...

Now most of you know we're at exit 202
and Costco is just off the next exit, it
Shouldn't take too long, right? Absolutely
WRONG!!! It took us over an hour to get
to Costco! We eventually got our groceries.
As we were checking out, I notice
our friends, Pattie & Richard back a few
(in our line), so I snuck over and put
my hands over Pattie's eyes...;)

Pattie and I go way back, and talk on the
phone every so often to catch up etc.etc.
She lives up in the sticks...hehe, so she
sometimes stops in for coffee, if she's out
and about...Some of you may remember the
Giganto garage sale I was in last summer?
Right, it was at Pattie's beautiful Lake
front home!

To cut this already wayyy to long of a
story down...The days I dropped
stuff off for the sale, there was a
huge pile of stuff she was having
Richard take to the thriftstore/dump!
Later when I took my last load, I noticed
a little lego worker man left in the dirt.
I picked him up and set him on the
table. That weekend when we had our sale,
I put him on top of something without
telling Pattie, who finally noticed
hours later and had a good laugh! Well
it became a rather fun thing to do
after awhile, especially, when we
didn't have customers and were bored!

So, September rolls around and Pattie
& Richard visit and right after she
left (Aunt Sally was visiting) I was
sitting talking to Sally and all of a
sudden out of the corner of my eye, I
There he
was sitting on a shelf in my dining
room! Laughing, I decided to think of
a way to deliver him back to his
rightful owner!!! I had decided
to put him in a small pumpkin and
add him to Pattie's beautiful
porch display...But, in the meantime
before I did that, Pattie came
to visit...Sooo while she was
visiting the privy, I stuck him
into her coat pocket! hehe...

A month went by and I hadn't heard
a thing about our little traveling
workerman, UNTIL I recieved an email
a few days ago, showing him on a
reindeer in the snow tredging his
way to my house! So you see dear
reader, that is why the little guy
was posted here earlier on "Message
to Pattie",
you can read what
transpired there, earlier last week!

UNTIL at Costco, When Pattie kept
commenting on how cool my purse was.
Dum Dum Dumb (me)! I open it, so she
could check out all the compartments,
because she's so interested),I then go
on to tell her the only thing I don't
like about it is, where the check
book is, as I open it up one last
time, and this is what I see!!!!

All I can say is Okay, Okay, he's
going home with me...She goes on
to explain after Costco, they were
heading for our house to drop him off!!!
Oh, and about our quick little drive
to Costco, to pick up supplies in
case we got snowed in
...with only
one other stop (Albertson's for a
few smalls, not to be bought at
Costco), it took 5 hours...:(
traffic was a nightmare!!!

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