Thursday, December 11, 2008


To Ms. Vicky, boy we've sure had some
wonderful times together, (oh and some
not so wonderful), I remember one
Friday the 13th. UGH! 1).we were almost
hit by a 'HUMONGOUS' logging truck!
2). Jimmer (her Chesapeake) going down
a few doors and out into the lake and
as a retriever does...tried to bring
us the ball he found floating in the
lake! Well, it just happened to be
the neighbor's float to their water
line! The terrible thing was that it
was made of Styrofoam and Jimmers teeth
sank so far into it, he couldn't let
So I grabbed a little row
boat and was going to go unhook him,
but, as I reached for the boat, it
zigged, when I zagged, and I dislocated
my shoulder trying to hold on and
not fall in all at the same time! picture this dear reader,
all the while the neighbor had been
yelling at the dog to drop her float...
(For God sakes),
She's freakin' out, because we're
stealing her boat???!!!
(For God sakes),
There I am with my arm dangling
down farther than it should, I'm in
terrible pain and Vicky (dearest
birthday girl), who can't swim a lick!
is now attempting to climb into said,
row boat, (without my assistance, I might add)
We're pleading with the nice neighbor to
please let us borrow her oars, so Vicky
can get out to Jimmer. He now has been
trying to stay afloat for quite awhile
swimming 'in place' for a long time!
(he of course didn't understand he'd
attached himself to a float and wouldn't
Finally we were able to persuade her
to let us have an oar, and Vicky
made it out to unhook poor Jimmer,
and my fear was that he'd try to
get into the boat and capsize her
and she'd drown...
BUT, all worked out and we ended
up having a pretty good time at
the lake house with the kids!!!
The other person near and dear
to my heart is our sweet little
granddaughter Lulu! This is
where I'd add a ton of her sweet
birthday pictures, if we hadn't
run off and left our camera at
We were going to come home to
get it, but someone else,(Manus)
left to get theirs, and we 'STILL'
don't have any pictures yet.
She was a hoot, she blew out her
candle and was so proud of herself!
She loved all her presents, especially
her books about 'Elmo'and Brooklyn
loved Lulu's Princess shirt...Too
cute! Tenisha made a 'Cupcake'
Elmo cake, that was adorable and
regular cupcakes with Elmo too...I
guess you can tell by now Lulu has
a thing for Elmo! I'll post pics
whenever I get them...hint, hint!

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