Friday, August 26, 2011

Something New...No, I Just Painted it WHITE!

Not too long ago, I wanted a new(to me)
vintage cupboard, for my dining room!
pretty and WHITE, 
(of course)
 to hold all my (new thrift) China...

Funny how sometimes it's hard
to see past something
right in front of you!

~my little pyrex cupboard~

This cupboard is very small,
(perfect for my small dining room)
I know it's probably out of
some sweet English or French

I've had it for years, it was hiding
behind all my colorful Pyrex.

A few of my blog readers
(inquiring minds) why I wanted
something different,
when I had this adorable
cupboard already???

They were right, it was the perfect
size...and honestly why not?! I
already had it, why pay for
something else...

Let the transformation begin!

Yes, I had even painted fruit on it!

~My McGiver sanding all the fruit, getting ready for paint~


~My new to me China~

In what feels like a new
China cupboard!

I was so ready for a change...
Letting go of color
and going


~my china cupboard today~

It's amazing what a coat of
WHITE paint can do!

Remember, if you don't like it,


I still have my beloved
Pyrex, it's stored away
and brought out for
summer parties
or for those times
when we just need some

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Always, Debbie~


Susan said...

Hello Debbie! Must be painting in the air as I am redoing a section of our living room. Sometimes all it takes is a coat of paint and everything is new again! Hope life is good for you and business, how's that going? I kinda miss our little 1pm community we had going...oh well. Be well!

jojo said...

sweeeet! I love it and your new to you china looks wonderful in there. I was out looking for some new to me china today but struck out. We are losing our salvation army store here but most of the good stuff was already gone. I've always though them a little over-priced though. Oh well, we must keep trudging on...
have a great weekend.

A Cottage Muse said...

Love it Debbie!