Wednesday, August 17, 2011

San Juan Island!

We had a wonderful vacation
on San Juan Island.
My McGivers sister invited
everyone to come for a
'Family Campout'!

It was wonderful, 
Pat & David,
were wonderful hosts!
(pampered us beyond belief ).

We took Lulu with us and
she had an amazing time.

We stayed in our Nomad (just happy) trailer.
(I stole that line from my cousin Lisa).

It was my maiden voyage in it,
and I really enjoyed the comfort.
The rest of the family (adult children and
their children, (grandchildren) slept
in tents. His two other sisters also
live on the island, and opted to go
home to their own beds...

~photo taken by Lacey King~

Our little home home away from home!

This is the view out our door!

~we're camping in their large side yard~

~photo taken by Lacey King~

Early morning visitor!

~photo taken by Lacey King~

A 6am. heart to heart with Grandpa!

~taken by Lacey King~

The story telling tipi!

We had two wonderful evenings
of story telling and singing songs in the tent!
The first eveining we took turns adding onto
 a bear legend story, by looking at a
fabulous folk lore bear picture! 
The next evening we 
sang old time camp songs,
Auntie Pat and Auntie Pam
printed off for all of us!
What fun we all had!

~taken by Lacey King~

Looking up through the top of the

~photo taken by Lacey King~

Trevor, looks like his imagination
is in full swing!
~Sportz, always our faithful companion~

Doing what he loves best!

Audrey & Lulu

Rushing down to the beach!

Pants rolled up, checking out the beach very carefully!

Audrey's the only one that see's a shark!!!'s just a rock!

~a Different beach~

Everyone loooved beach combing, they found
lots of wonderful little eels, crabs and
sea stars to look at, 
and then released them
all back into nature!

~Simply beautiful~

A walk through the woods to the other
side of the island (South Beach).

Oh My!

Mona the camel, (yes camel) 
lives on San Juan Island,
she's famous...she's on the label of one of
San Juan Vinyards wines!

Mona Vino is only sold in the tasting rooms...

~Washington State Ferry~

Our mode of transportation to and from the island!

I looove riding on the ferries, there's
just something about them...
Not sure what it is, but I always
look forward to my next ferry ride!

~a free concert~

 Island Rec. (San Juan Island)
Music on the Lawn Concert series...
Deadwood Revival –
Progressive old-timey band with feel good music.

They were wonderful, and the setting
doesn't get much better!

~Uncle David groovin' to the music~

~Lulu loves to people watch~

She's listening to the music,
while keeping a watchful eye
on the crowd behind us!


We even had an art project!

~Lacey watching Audrey working on her art project~

~Lulu decided to make hers for her Mama~

Auntie Pat & Auntie Pam
had this wonderful art project
for everyone to make!
They had just about everything
imaginable to use
in or on them,
it was so much fun!


We had a wonderful time, the
weather was glorious and it
was so much fun visiting
with family!

Thanks so much for visiting
my blog, and I'd looove it
if you left me a message!

Always, Debbie~

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jojo said...

wow! looks like you really had a great time, and the weather...oh yeah baby, this is what we live for! We are heading up there in a couple of weeks, hope the weather holds up. I know what you mean about the ferry, I love it too! Love the picture of the girls running to the beach, priceless. Have a good week..(end)!