Saturday, December 18, 2010

Keeping the Sugar Plum Fairy Happy!

Has the sugar plum Fairy been
dancing around in your head yet?

I've had a couple of parties that I wanted to take
a plate of goodies too!

 Let me show you what I came up with!

~little candy cane hearts~

These are so easy, and really adorable on
the holiday cookie plate!

Candy Cane Hearts
1. mini candy canes
2.........almond bark

Melt your almond bark,
and spoon it into your little
candy cane frames and

Then chocolate
 lots of it!

~Hershey's chocolate~
(Sorry about this picture being blurry).

This is the start of my Almond Roca!

~chopped almonds and adding Hershey bars~

After covering the rest of the almonds,
Cook a pound of butter with one pound
of brown sugar on medium heat
(stirring constantly) until
the mixture goes up to 295 on a
candy thermometer.
Pour quickly but very
carefully onto your 
chocolate bars, this mixture
is very very hot, 
please be careful!

Cool overnight!
This is sooo yummy!


~I've just poured the mixture over the candy bars~

I almost always, make the same
candies and cookies
every Christmas!

I'm kind of boring that way...

I might try something new like the
mini candy cane hearts,
(and I've already decided,
they're going to be a keeper),
but if I make something,
and it just doesn't 
seem to be a winner, then 
it's out and I'm on 
to something new! 

Here's another one of my
Christmas regulars.

~mounds bars~

I use to make almond joys too,
but everyone preferred the
plain mounds, soooo
out with the almonds!

Lrg. bag of Chocolate Chips
1/2 cake paraffin
Melt Choc. chips & paraffin
(I always use a double boiler for this)
1 can Eagle Bran Condensed Milk
1 cup of Butter
2 lbs. of powdered sugar
16 oz. coconut (flaked)
almonds (if wanted)

Mix the condensed milk, butter, sugar and
coconut together.

I put it in the freezer for awhile to set up a little.
Then I mold several on a cookie tray.
Put them back into the freezer for
a few minutes, (they work better
when you dip them, if they're
real cold)!


Lastly, whenever I have my
double boiler full of chocolate
use up the rest of my
chocolate by dipping
pretzels! They're very
much a crowd pleaser
and a quick way to
fill in your cookie tray!

I haven't made my cookies
yet, but they too are
always the same...
for the Italian side
of the family!

Sugar Cookies,
for the kid in me!

~there ya go, a yummy chocolate fix~

Let me know if the sugar plum Fairy has
visited YOU too!

Thanks so much for visiting,
don't forget to leave a comment!

Be Merry,

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mississippi artist said...

Wow do these look delicious! I love the peppermint hearts-so cute. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.