Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Castle for One of 'Our Little Princesses'

One of our Granddaughters is having a birthday
(December 11th.) I told her Mom I'd make her
birthday cake! I've made a couple of doll cakes
and since she'd chosen 'The Little Mermaid'
for her birthday theme, I thought how fun to make
a Little Mermaid cake.

Then her Mom told me that aprox. 16 children
were invited and because it was going to be at
Alfy's Pizza, their folks would be staying too! I
had to come up with a far bigger cake than just
a doll cake.

Finally, I decided to make her a
Little Mermaid Castle!

I looked online and found gorgeous cakes!
So between three of my favorites and a couple
of wonderful crafty people on Etsy,
(for their lovely die-cuts)
 I made one!

I'm not a cake decorator for sure, it wasn't easy and
I had a complete miss on my first attempt at baking a

Cake mix #1
I was thinking castle...BIG right?


I used
a LARGE chicken broth can...
and it was too BIG!

Tossed it!

Cake mix #2 (white cake)
I used a small sized
chicken broth can.
made two turrets
and one 6inch layer.

...and they were just right!

Cake mix #3 (chocolate)
9x13 for the bottom layer!

Cake mix #4 (strawberry)
for the middle layers 8in.pan!

Cake mix #5 (white)
I made the last two turrets
and the second top 6 inch layer
and had enough to make another
6 inch layer...however I didn't
use the last 6in. layer or the
4th turret!

I was really happy with the placement of the turrets
and how it all was coming together at this point...

Notice the top turret is on the back of
the cake?!!!

Do you notice the middle blue layer

Which meant the top layer was too
and sadly the top turrit was
really truly ready to
take a dive!!!

Now notice the placement of the top
turret!!! Still leaning...UGH!

Yep, I moved it towards the front
and caused it to list sideways
towards the front now....

Ignorance is BLISS! I threw myself into
this project without the slightest
knowledge of how to build a
sturdy TALL cake!

Sooo, I did the next best thing!!!

I speared it!!!

I sure did, I used skewers from the top,
through the sides...anyway I could!!!
It had to make it to Lulu's

I even tried fondant, I had a ball,
and even though I didn't know
what the heck I was doing, it
was a kick!!!


Lulu loved it!!!

~ceramic shell corner pieces~

~the cutest Little Mermaid die-cuts~
and more fondant....

~almost done~

~I'm not even sure if anyone noticed the listing~

I learned a lot with this cake and I know
I have a long way to go...

I truly encourage you all to try a
cake that you've wanted, but
were afraid to tackle...

If I can do it, so can

Please visit as many participants of
these parties, you'll love
how CrEaTiVe they are!

I looove 'ALL' your
comments and I
would be
truly honored
if you'd

Always, Debbie~



jojo said...

fan-freakin'-tastic! You did an amazing job, that cake is gorgeous and I am sure your grand-daughter was over the moon...;j

Rose H (UK) said...

What a stunning cake Debbie! I'm sure you had a very happy little princess :o)

Victoria said...

Oh wow, what an undertaking that was! You did an amazing job, I'm very impressed!!!

NanaDiana said...

Debbie- HOLY COW!! You are amazing woman! I'll bet Lulu was over the moon! You did a fantastic job and I don't care HOW many spears you put in it! Love it...love it....love it...Now...next year I am thinking Rapunzel's castle...with one really TALL turret? just a thought-;>) Diana

kluless said...

This is absolutely amazing. A feat of wonder! I admire your tenacity to just keep going and make it work. Your persistence paid off for sure! Wow.