Sunday, May 2, 2010

Take Me Out to the Ball Game...

My cousin called and invited us to a Seattle Mariners baseball
game, but they weren't just any ole tickets, they were

VIP tickets in a suite!

WooHoo, we'd never been privy to suite tickets
before, how cool was this! Her hubby works for the Mariner's
and she's told us before to let her know when we'd like to go,
but this was a complete surprise. Her Dad (my uncle) went,
her bro (my cousin) and his wife, her hubby took the day off
(because when the Mariners are in town he works), but this
was special with them inviting people to join them in the 'suite'!


When we got there, we found not only was it the coolest of
cool, with awesome beautiful padded roll away chairs outside
in a cozy little balcony with three rows of seating, but the suite
inside had a table in the center full of yummy foods like a
wonderful layered dip and chips, a fruit tray, peanuts, hot dogs,
pizza, coffee and juice! Later they even delivered fresh brownies
to top off our afternoon!

~the pizza and hot dogs are on another counter~

A person came and got the kids and whisked them away, only to
return with ice cream sundae's! Then another person came in
to deliver calendar's and posters for the kiddos...

but the best surprise of all was...

~The Mariner Moose~

For me though even though I looove the Moose!
I got a small shot of Jay Buner who was there
as a guest, which was cool and 'The Kid'
Ken Griffey Jr. had the day off...dern, but
a highlight for me was seeing Ichiro play and


No kidding, he ran back to the fence and jumped
up*up*up and nabbed the ball just before it
went over the fence!!! YEAH! I've seen him
do it while watching tv, but neva in person!

(Did I mention, we were just above 1st. base)?!!

~Gotta Looove him~

~His famous ritual~


After nine innings and the Mariners having the only score,
sadly enough, they lost it in the 11th. inning...yeppers 11th.
Texas beat us 3-1...(some nasty errors)


I'm not pointing any fingers...
We still had an AWESOME DAY
at the ball park!

A huge shout out to my cousin's Barb & Eric and Christopher too!
Thanks a million for such a special day! Big hugs!

Always, Debbie~


Crystal said...

That is sooooo awesome! You're so lucky! Glad you had a good time.

Covered in Chocolate Bakery Shoppe said...

Totally awesome time you had! Love all your pics from game!

Nishant said...

Love all your pics from game!
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