Friday, March 12, 2010

T-Shirt to Tote! Reuse~Reduce~Repurpose!

Great idea for a fave t-shirt that's seen better days!
 My friend Karen
raises these adorable dogs,
this was one of her old

'side one' is original t-shirt front

So I made this for her,
an adorable repurposed tote,
twas one of her fave t's
AND of course,
I personalized it for her!

'side two' stenciled letters

This is a very easy project, I made these with my students
last year, they had a blast decorating their own totes. Your
kiddos or grandkiddos would love this project too! I finished
this one off with a loop over a vintage button, but like a
plastic bag, it really doesn't even need a closure!

Check out Cindy's blog, 'My Romantic Home'

Jane's Finding Fabulous

and see what everyone's up too this week,
they're 'ALL' such a CrEaTiVe bunch!

I enjoy all your comments and I'd looove it
if Y'all would follow me!

Always, Debbie~


Natasha said...

That is so clever-I would never have even thought of something so cute!

Best wishes and happy weekend,

Victoria said...

Wow, what a creative and cute idea that is!

Olga said...

I've seen a t-shirt turned into a cushion but not into a tote. That's another great idea.

Covered in Chocolate Bakery Shoppe said...

Great bag! Too cute!

Love the buckets for flowers also...can't wait til the snow flys from here so I can paint! Have to open windows and doors for my better half his lungs aren't so good.

I going Cottage...wish he would let me paint kitchen cabinets!