Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Stormy Weather Veggies

We have this quite often, and looove it, I make enough for two
to three meals at a time, which is fabulous, because these days,
cooking's NOT at the top of my list of favorite 'to do's'! We
love veggie's so I throw in anything we happen to have at the
time, my MacGiver loves sweet potatoes so that's a must
for him and I love peppers, so that's a must for me, other than
that, anything's fair game, and if you notice we even like


brussel sprouts,


'I know what you're thinking'

try them, they're really wonderful roasted, you may find
you like them too!

Here's all I do, Wash the veggies, cut them (fairly large sized)
they shrink down while roasting.
Pour olive oil over them and add the secret ingredient
of Costco's (Kirkland brand) Organic No-Salt
it's fabulous and perfect with the veggies, a little
salt and  pepper and add a few cut up
Costco dogs (you know, the kind from the cart),
and it's Mmmm Mmmm Good!

They've been in for about half an hour and already smell divine!
Roast aprox. an hour at 350 degrees!

I enjoy reading ALL of your comments
 and would looove it if you'd

Always, Debbie~

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