Saturday, October 13, 2012

Life Goes ON...

There have been many bumps in my road, not unlike many
of you I'm sure...One thing I know for sure, Cottage White
calms my soul. My little cottage, be it so humble, is
and wraps me in solitude.
Lately my McGiver and I've been making a few
changes around our little cottage to help me organize my
lifea little better.Our third bedroom was used for storage
for years.  If you remember we have a small rambler, and our
garage was made into our family room...For some of you,
that may be an ideal arrangement, but for us, we've found
we really need the storage space a garage offers.  It was pretty
much floor to ceiling just before our Grandpeeps came to
live with us. My McGiver rented a storage space, cleaned
out the third bedroom, and we fixed our Grandpeeps a very
cute bedroom for the months they lived with us! 
When they moved home, I decided to redo it, and make it
into my Creative workspace. It's taken a few weeks
of very hard work from my McGiver, (who I'm indebted)
for all the back breaking work he did!
The first thing he did was pick up the huge white elephant
80's shelf unit I bought at the thrift store for storage.
He wasn't at all happy about them, but they were already
paid for, and I'd already borrowed our neighbor's truck,
so under a lot of protest, he and I picked it up, (them)
and parked all three pieces in our living room!  
~three very large dark shelf units~
My McGiver soon turned them into this!
~Can you believe the difference~
Once we added all the shelves, they became beautiful!
The next thing he tackled was the horrible floor, although
it's hardwood, the owners before us, had somehow painted
most of it white....Arghhhh!
~this is what he started with~
~after some tlc...NOT~
 It started looking like this...
~until finally he sanded the heck outta it~
~ he put this adorable chandelier up~
He finished the floor, and it's beautiful!
I'd told my Bunco girlfriends I would host
this years Bunco Halloween party, so my
creative workspace, along with the rest of the cottage,
soon dawned a cloak of black lace, fabrics and
I chose The Raven as my Theme, and ran with it...
Why Poe's The Raven , you ask? I just happened
to have my Grandmothers 1904 copy of
Edgar Allan Poe's works, as I flipped through the
pages, I became infactuated with The Raven!
I will reveal my finished room soon, and post
all the decorations for my Raven themed
Bunco party!
Thank you for visiting my blog, I apologize to my
regular readers for being absent so long.
Always, Debbie~

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joanne said...

yesterday, as the hubs and I were driving home, in the pouring rain...I suddenly thought of you. Something didn't feel right and I told myself I needed to call and catch up. Now I know. I'm sorry your son is back with that wrong crowd and am praying that your DIL will have the strength and courage to continue with her recovery. It never ends with our children does it, the worry. take care sweet friend and know my heart is with you!