Thursday, July 12, 2012

My Heartstrings Have Been Pulled

(remember 'Welcome Back Kotter',
that tune is playing in my head right now as I write this)!

This was the longest coffee break I've ever taken! 
I'm so excited to see so many of you are still following me,
that makes me so happy!
 Honestly, I'm beaming from ear to ear!

I'm not sure where to begin, but maybe by telling my story,
I may help one person out there to cope with what
may be going on in there own life...

You all know I adore Cottage Living,
from the hunt, re purposing, to decorating my humble
little cottage!

My blog shows different parts of my
everyday life, and sometimes I show little snippets
my family,
 and really blogger friends, isn't that truly what we're all about,
our families???

Yes, I agree.

I enjoy being inspired by all of you, (and Pinterest of course). 
I live a simple life really, and puttering about my humble cottage
makes me smile, and in turn, I've made my home a warm,
hopefully inviting place for all of my family,
(and friends) to enjoy...
Especially our wee itty bitty little Granpeeps, that have come into
our lives these last few years.


Just before I went on my looong coffee break, things in general didn't seem
quite right...Nope, not at all.

I'd starting getting calls from my son, to watch our Grandpeeps,
more than the regular, we'd like to go out, would ya like
to enjoy your Grand babies for the evening...

Much more, than that...
It started out a couple of days,
into a few days, and the reason they gave us,
just wasn't really making sense...My internal red flag was
flying high by this time, and I had a sick feeling
in the pit of my stomach, and lots and lots of sleepless nights,

Until they finally asked us if we could take the kiddos
because they needed help...

It was drugs,
this Monster had them both,
before they knew it...

So of course I asked God for help,

My Prayer, went something like this...

Dear God, please please let them live...
Please give them the strength to fight
this monster...
Please Dear God, these children need
their parents...
Please hold them in your hand, and
watch over them, and help them
fight this, and find their way back...

Scared, sleepless nights, Love,
Deep feeling of loss, tears, patience,
prayers, tears
(these were some of the feelings I felt)

Now Fast Forward 10 months!
...and I'm happy to say, we're Nana & Grandpa again!!!

Not that we weren't, but you get what I mean.
I'm not going to go into all the heartbreaking,
scary, and sad details, but, I am
going to tell you, that they're home now, 
with both Mom & Dad.

My son & his wife have been to what I imagine hell to be like,
and now they're back, after hours, days, and months of rehab.
They're busy with their out-patient rehab, counseling & meetings,
and being Mommy & Daddy!
I'm so proud of them, my wish for them is to
live one day at a time, give lots of hugs,
laugh a lot, express & feel the love...
and cherish each little moment
with their sweet family!!!
They're addicts, and always will be, I hope to God,
they never walk down this road again, for all of our sakes...
especially the kids.
I'm still having a hard time sleeping, I have
a lot on my mind...I may never get over the worry,
and I still lay and listen for my little Grandson, that
will go away with time...
But for now, I plan on doing some Spring cleaning,
dinging out, recovering a chair I got months ago, and
enjoy some of this sun that we've been getting here lately!

Always, Debbie~


Vintage Gal said...

That is wonderful that your loved ones are on the way to recovery. I will pray for their strength and recovery. Such wonderful news

NanaDiana said...

Oh, Debbie-My heart aches for you. We have helplessly stood by and watched our oldest son fall prey to the ways of the world. It is a terrible feeling because, as an adult, they are on their own-out of our control and all we can do is pray for them. I know how awful that must have been for you- and I am sure that you are still scared on some level. Addictions have such a strong pull on people and the fear of relapse is always hanging over the heads of those that are addicted AND the ones that love them.

I will be praying for your family- xo Diana

joanne said...

Oh sweet babe, I have been missing you so very much and had no idea of the depths of despair that you were going through. I just didn't know how to get in touch with you, but please know that I understand your situation and will be praying for strength for your family. Thank God that you were there for the grands and that your loved ones were able to get help and work hard to put their lives back together. You were such a blessing to them, and still are.
I am so happy to see you check in. Praying for you dear one, maybe now we should make plans to get halfway or something original like that! Take care Deb.

Debbie said...

Thank God your Grandkiddos have you to go to.
Being the caregiver is just as difficult as being the addict.
It all hurts.
I'm glad to see you are here, and doing a post.
Hopefully the kids will stay strong, and keep moving forward.
Praise God for your faith, Debbie.
God be with all of you.