Thursday, February 24, 2011

April Showers Bring May Flowers, Bunco Centerpiece!

I'm hosting my Bunco gals
in April, and I thought
it would be fun to
have an
April Showers
May Flowers

~kind of been
dreaming of Spring

So with a  centerpiece
on my mind, I was tickled


When I found these cute little
pastel watering cans
at my fave
thrift store.

~all ready to go~

I have tons of felt
and buttons so
I started cutting.


~ went from this~

~to this~

I have several button boxes, so
of course I have to use them
whenever possible!

~from this to that~

I've made these with wire and
florist tape, but I needed something
a little stronger,
so these skewers work out fine!

~almost done~

I added a lollipop and some other candy
to the mix!

I'm either going to add some easter grass
some moss to help hide the mess.

What do you think?

I think it needs a couple of
paper umbrella's!

I'll show you what I end up
with when I set the
tables for Bunco!

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ruffles & Rust an Event to Inspire!

I met my friend Marian at
What fun we had!

~love this poster~

~this was a welcomed director~

~loooved all the garden art~

~adorable booth signs~

Having a new baby in the family
makes me notice the sweet
simplicity of a baby-t being
used for their booth name...


~I also loooved how they used umbrella's~

I've been thinking a lot about umbrella's...
seriously, I have!

Not because of our

I'm hosting my Bunco group
in April, and well, all I can
think about is


Remind me later to tell you
about the sweet little watering cans
I picked up at the
thrift store!

~loooved these darling pink dishes~

~Debi was sooo busy~


Had a FaBuLoUs booth!
I met Debi at the Skagit Fairgrounds
a year or two ago, we met again
at another vintage show!
She was so busy Saturday
I wasn't able to even steal a minute

Until the next time...

~fluffing her booth~

I met Isabel of  Maison Douce
at her lovely booth!

Her Cottage booth was a sweet blend of
fabulous items for
your special cottage,
with and assortment of
wonderful vintage clothing!

...but my favorite, was
 a sweet
pink wooden chair!
as I pondered where I'd
put it, someone else
bought it...

It was for the best I'm sure,
I'd had one just like it, and sold it at one of
my antique sales...


why did I feel I had to have it???

 because I have
a childs chair that matches it...
because I'm still upset with myself
for ever selling my beloved
little kitchen chair!

I'm not really sure, what the reason is...

but, enough already!

My bad, I hesitated!
...and I know better!

Darling booth Isabel!
~lots of garden ideas~

For some reason,
I seemed to have lost
the two pictures I took of Amy's booth,

Today's Country Store!

It was a delight to meet her in
 I enjoy Amy's blog,
she always has such wonderful
vintage items to share,
and I looove her vintage trailer
posts so much!

You'll have to take my word for it,
Amy's booth was FaBuLoUs!!!

~adorable teapot & teacup chandelier~

~I loooved this watering can boxwood~

Honestly, I was so busy looking at the beauty
around me, that I didn't take
many pictures, I'm always guilty of that
where ever I go!

If you have a minute check
out these girls blogs!

Isabel at Maison Douce


Debi at Ormolulu

Both have some fabulous
pictures they took while at
Ruffles & Rust!

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Rubber Ducky Shower!

Saturday was Angelo and his Mama's
baby shower!

Rubber Ducky

~Rubber Ducky's in the birdbath~

~Welcome Friends~

~Angelo's pennant banner~

This was fun to make and matches
his bumper pads, crib set!

~fondant ducky's for cupcakes~

I know this is rather ducky,
but amongst the fun &
busy time of the
they were all eaten
except for a
that went home to
put a smile
on a couple of our
Grandkiddos faces,

Honestly, I couldn't believe
it when I reviewed the pictures
late that evening...


I have a few frozen
cupcakes in the freezer for
Grandkiddo treats,
some leftover frosting,
a little bit of fondant.

...and like magic,

I have two
little cupcakes to
share with YOU!

It's not the pretty
three tiered silver
cupcake plate
full of
rubber ducky
but you get the idea!

~carrot cake with cream cheese frosting~


~Baby blue Punch~

Blue Punch Recipe

2 (0.13oz) Blueberry flavored Koolaid
2 frozen Bicardi Pina Colada Mixer.....
1 cup sugar............................................
2 quarts cold water...............................
2 - 2 liter 7-up.......................................

Ice Cream optional................................

Mix the Koolaid, cold water, sugar
and Pina Colada mixer and just before
serving add the 7-up, it's very yummy!

I didn't add the icecream, the color
was beautiful and it already had a
nice foam from the 7-up!
The Mama duck quacked
throughout the shower!

~Diaper cake centerpiece~

We also used the diaper cake
as a game and had everyone
guess how many diapers it
took to make it...

( fyi. 77)

~vintage stork~

These little bite sized morsels
were brownies with
peanut butter frosting!

~Beautiful quilt~

My friend Vicky made this gorgeous
quilt for Angelo, she also made
one for Lulu when she was born!

~Base Ball Baby~

I had to share this with YOU.
My Aunt & Cousin made this
little guy out of diapers, burp pads,
onsies and bunches of other
items on Mama's want list!

Angelo was named after
my Grandfather, who in
his younger years was
a catcher on a
semi-pro baseball team!
because of his love
of baseball,
our little Angelo
received several
baseball outfits!!!

~Angelo, Superbowl Sunday~

~Look at that hair~

He almost woke up for me! :)

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Rubber Ducky!

This weekend I'm hosting a baby
shower for my Daughter-In-Law
and baby Angelo!

I've changed the shower theme
3 times, but of course we know
the third times a charm!

It's now a Rubber Ducky theme
and I'm lovin' it!

I can show you the center piece
that I made yesterday,
and the little fondant
ducky's I'm in the middle
of right now...

I'll show you the rest
after I set it all up

Here's what I have so far!

~The diaper cake~

~Love the rubber ducks~
I really wish I had made this a tutorial, but
I got so caught up in the moment that I
forgot to grab my camera.

I can't tell you how many diapers are in it
because, guessing how many diapers
in the cake is one of the shower
games we'll play.

I'll tell you the amount later!

I used newborn Huggie diapers
and rolled them from the opening
down and used a clear rubber
band to hold their shape.

I put them on a large cake
turn table and put a baby bottle
in the middle as my center. I
then took a piece of elastic
and tied it in a knot and put it
around the bottle and started
building my first cake layer!

I added a second bottle
(remove the lids/nipples)
Add second layer
just like you did the
first only make it smaller!

The third layer actually fits fine
around the second baby bottle!

Now just decorate, I've seen them
with tons of baby items added, I
just wanted mine to be blue
with rubber duckies and I'm
really happy with how it
turned out!

Tonight I've been making my
fondant rubber duckies for
the cupcakes. So you might say,
I'm getting my ducks all in a row!

~Quack quack~

~yep, getting my ducky's all in a row~

I can hardly wait to show you
what else I have up my sleeve!

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Our Trevorasaurus is not Extinct!

       Our Grandson Trevor
was 4 years old last week,
and this Nana had a cake to bake!

I jumped at the chance to make him
a dinosaur cake, I knew he'd looove it!

and Really,

I'm such a novice
that a dinosaur cake seemed
to be a heck of a lot easier than


I can't even figure out how
to transform a transformer...
let alone
figure out how to make
a cake look like one...

I'm sure there are a few of
you with me on this one!

I feel the need to remind you,


but if you squint or pull
your chair away from the
screen... it doesn't look too bad.

But honestly, there was a little
boy who thought it was

and that my bloggy friends,
is all

~it's bright~

~excuse the messy table~

The diapers were for a project I
made today, I'll share it with you

~yep, Trevorasaurus~

I baked two chocolate cakes for the base
and one orange cake for the volcano!


I'll bet you guessed which one Trevor picked!!!

The volcano of course, it didn't
matter what flavor it was, he just HAD
to have a piece of  VOLCANO
a side of  ROCKS!!!



This all took place during our Super Bowl Party,
Trevor was a good sport.
We ate dinner during half time and
we had cake after the game ended!

What a sweetheart!

Thanks so much for visiting!

Always, Debbie~