Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Our Trevorasaurus is not Extinct!

       Our Grandson Trevor
was 4 years old last week,
and this Nana had a cake to bake!

I jumped at the chance to make him
a dinosaur cake, I knew he'd looove it!

and Really,

I'm such a novice
that a dinosaur cake seemed
to be a heck of a lot easier than


I can't even figure out how
to transform a transformer...
let alone
figure out how to make
a cake look like one...

I'm sure there are a few of
you with me on this one!

I feel the need to remind you,


but if you squint or pull
your chair away from the
screen... it doesn't look too bad.

But honestly, there was a little
boy who thought it was

and that my bloggy friends,
is all

~it's bright~

~excuse the messy table~

The diapers were for a project I
made today, I'll share it with you

~yep, Trevorasaurus~

I baked two chocolate cakes for the base
and one orange cake for the volcano!


I'll bet you guessed which one Trevor picked!!!

The volcano of course, it didn't
matter what flavor it was, he just HAD
to have a piece of  VOLCANO
a side of  ROCKS!!!



This all took place during our Super Bowl Party,
Trevor was a good sport.
We ate dinner during half time and
we had cake after the game ended!

What a sweetheart!

Thanks so much for visiting!

Always, Debbie~



Rose H (UK) said...

Happy belated birthday to Trevor!
It's a super-duper cake, no wonder your little darling loved it:o) Well done!

Vintage Gal said...

Happy belated Birthday to Trevor ~ the cake is adorable and one that I am sure Trevor found exciting~!

De tout, de rien said...

That is an amazing cake! I'm sure it was a ton of work. What a fabulous grandma! What little boy wouldn't love this?

And a project involving diapers? I'm definitely intrigued!

NanaDiana said...

Debbie- THAT is an AMAZING cake...and I can only imagine the HOURS of work that went into it! Great job...and what a sweet little boy...and I'm sure he loves his Nana and all that she does for him! Hugs-Diana

Gracie's Cottage said...

There's nothin' cuter than a little boy, and wow, how happy you made him with that adorable cake!


Tara Ahrens said...

Oh Debbie! That is a SPLENDID cake! How many batches of frosting did you have to make to get all of those amazing colors? What a cute little grandson-a-saurus! I really enjoy your blog! Tara - Cottage De Haven