Thursday, September 16, 2010

Summer Is All But A Sweet Memory!

Summer was...

Short & Sweet!

Seriously we of the Pacific NW, 
had more than our
fair share
 of Days on end
heavy rain
and WELL


Temperatures were
down right chilly
many a day.

But finally,
Summer arrived &
I cherished each and every 
sunny day!

Here are a few things
I enjoyed on
sunny days around
humble little cottage!

~love them old boots~

~I've never met a frog I didn't like~

or is that a Prince?!!!

that's a different story
(I'll talk about that another time)!

~Silly I know, but I looove my tree friends~

~Down right Goofy at times~

~I looove the shade they provide and all the wonderful
shapes and shadows they share with us~


~my sweet little picket fence~

~beautiful white clematis~

~summer mornings you'll find me here
enjoying coffee~

~don't forget to dance as if there is no tomorrow~

I'm joining Cindy's blog
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Please go visit as many of
the participants that you can,
they're a CrEaTiVe group
of gals!

Thanks for stopping by!
I enjoy each and everyone of
your comments!
I'd Looove it if you'd follow me!

Always, Debbie~


jojo said...

I know you only had a few days to enjoy the summer, it was gone in a flash. Love the tree!! I heard on the weather tonight that we are going to skip fall and head directly to winter...wetter, cooler..sounds normal heh?

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

Love, love, love the tree 'friends'!!! Y'know I've only seen these in the stores on shelves still packaged...never saw them on the trees in real live person...they're filled with fantasy and charm if you ask me...thanks for posting a photo of them!!!!

My Show n Tell this week...LINK

Have a super Friday!

PS...we're still having PLENTY of summer here...I'll share the 90 degree temps with you if you want some?!!! LOL

Laura said...

That might be the sweetest picket fence ever!

Sorry your summer was so short. I would love to send you a little Texas heat, and just even things out a bit. We'll be at 96 today! I am more than ready for fall.

Thanks for stopping by and admiring my new bathroom and the little dude.

NanaDiana said...

Well, hopefully you will have a wonderful Fall. I used to have those tree people too at our other house and the kids loved them.

I feel like we got cheated out of Summer this was cold and rainy and miserable.

I think you get rain instead of snow,don't you? I would be happy to send you some snow later on. Hugs-Diana

Denise said...

Fun post! Your tree friends are great!

I hope you don't mind. I linked your post to my PORCH AND GARDEN PARTY at

Judy said...

I love the tree face! How much fun would that be for young kids to see!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

mississippi artist said...

I love your tree people, I have them on several trees in my grden too.It is going to be almost 100 degrees here today- we could stand a touch of fall. I am tired of dragging the water hose! Joining your blog- visit me and see if I am interesting enough for you to follow.