Saturday, July 24, 2010

Summer Lovin'

It was beautiful today, in the 80's
I'm enjoying summer now that we've
had a break from the NW rain...
A quick post of a few things I've found at the swap meet,
garage sales and even a couple of things from my yard!

This mirror is stunning, the workmanship
is fabulous!

I looove the gorgeous leaves and flower!

Interesting how it has little tabs to hold
it's little mirror in.

The stand is broken, but I'm sure I can fix it,
maybe with a piece of leather?

I found this little beauty this morning at the swap meet
Looove it!
It's very heavy, the gal I bought it from said it's
brass with gold (paint, gold leaf) over it!

I also found this sweet little
cupcake tin at the
swap meet!

I'm going to make her a rose belt,
I think it would be the
perfect accessory!

I found this gorgeous lacey slip at a
garage sale and a
lacey top at my
favorite thrift

I'm loving how sweet the impatients look
in the window box with the
creeping jenny!

~they're not looking very impatient~

This purple climatis grows
in our front yard up
our light pole, it's
 fabulous camo!

Oh, and there's a prince
in the garden chair!

Have a wonderful day everyone!

Always, Debbie~


Brayton Homestead Interiors said...

your flowers are beautiful- love the way you hung them.- fab finds. That mirror is very unusual...


Crystal said...

The flowers are pretty! I love the mirror! It's so awesome!

Ms Bingles Vintage Christmas said...

I just came across your blog at my romantic home, love it!
I am signing up to follow!
Have a wonderful day!