Saturday, September 19, 2009

Random snapshots of Lulu the last couple of weeks!

Napping with her cabbage patch doll until Grandpa let
out a WooHoo when the Huskies won!!!

Lulu and her cabbage patch baby napping together!

She couldn't make up her mind which panties to wear(she's potty
trained now don't cha know)! Dora or the princess??? what
a quandary!So why not wear them on her head??? Works for me!
Quite cute with her pig tails sticking out, she thought she was

She's into it now!

and another!


and last, butt not least!

Mercedes, Lulu & Kiesha were having a 'tea party' but sadly most
of the pictures didn't turn out! :(

Last weekend into watching dragontales!