Monday, August 3, 2009

Congratulation's Devon & Tenisha on your Wedding Day!


Do you think this Bride is excited?

Patiently waiting for the music to start!

All ready to go and realizes she doesn't have her

She can't believe it!

Brett offers to run and get the bouquet!

It's only seconds, but seems like minutes are passing!

Waiting for Brett, to bring her bouquet!

Brett to the rescue, handing over Tenisha's bouquet!

Jerry & Brett walk Tenisha to Devon!

Meeting his Bride!

Taking in the Moment!

Taking in every word!

Mercedes & Jenn

Hey, where's my sister going?

Bella must think since her job as flower girl is done,
she's a free spirit and off to the playground she goes!

Grandpa Vince going after the runaway flower child!

Wedding party!

Nice Family picure!

Sweet picture!

One of my personal favorites, of the girls!

It's official now!

Tenisha's Aunt Pat!

Devon & Kenny grew up together in the neighborhood!

The entertainment for the evening, Spencer & Bella!

A toast from the Best Man!

To the Bride & Groom!

Beautiful toast Jenn!

Hmmm, whats this?

Good thing this was 'Sparkling Cider'!

Pretty good stuff!

Good to the last drop!

Beautiful Couple, Beautiful Cake! Thanks Auntie Sally!

Auntie Sally helping get the cake ready!


Auntie Allison & cousin Denise on cake duty! Big Hugs!

Johns brave with Aunt Sally giving Bella bites of cake!


Father, son moment!

Jenn telling Auntie Sally what a wonderful time
they had decorating the sheet cakes at her house
and how beautiful the 'wedding cake' turned out!

Special moment with Grandpa Mike!


Jenn & Manus...Matron of Honor & Best Man!

Thanks Uncle Bill for all your "AWESOME" pictures,
putting them on CD's and having us all over to preview!!!


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