Saturday, April 11, 2009

Lulu, Bella and Spencers Wedding ensemble!

Spencers Ring Bearer Dress Shirt

Lulu & Bella's Flower girl dresses!


Cori's Stories said...

Very cute!! I love the "man" shirt. I really hope it fits. I was wondering if maybe you should mail it to us. We have a Kohls, so if it does't fit we can get a smaller size. The dresses are beautiful and look like they will work perfectly!!! I am very excited, and hope I can come. It turns out this is all more than I thought it was, and I fear the words "bed rest". Oh well, one day at a time.

Debbie~ said...

Happy Easter Cori,(hugs to all)I'll mail it to you, it was the smallest one our store had in that color or I would have bought both...if the shirt fits but the sleeves are too long, I can either cut & hem them or we can roll them(I think that looks cute too)!

So, should I call ya to find out the scoop on your doc appt.? I hope you don't have to do bed rest, I know you'll stress over that. :( ...almost impossible with a 2yo...

I'll get this shirt in the mail tomorrow. (Now that Easter will be over these shirts will be harder to find)!

Big Hugs, Aunt Debbie~

Cori's Stories said...

Well, I DO have gestational diabetes, and that is the reason for all the amniotic fluid around the baby. The plan at this point is to get my carbs undercontrol (hardest thing I have done in a while!!!), and that should lower my fluid levels. I have another ultrasound on Monday, where we look at the fluid levels, and see if the baby is still growing on target or if he is getting too big. I would think if he is growing to quickly and the fluid is still too high, there will need to be more done, but again, one day at a time. I am still worried about not making it to the end of my pregnancy without problems, but I will feel better when I get the results of the ultrasoun. The tech that does them is super smart and tells me what she see right away. Every othere tech I have ever gone too (and there have been a lot with all the babies I have had), have never talked to me. They always said "you'll have to ask your doctor". This girl is the best in Olympia.

I can not wait to see the super cute man shirt!! I agree on the rolling up the sleeves, it may help with the heat. Devon said that it is going to be one of the hotest days of the year according to the farmers almanac.