Sunday, January 18, 2009

Our Christmas 'Family Gathering',(had been postponed because of snow)!

A huge 'Shout Out' to Vinnie & Tammy
for a GREAT TIME last weekend!!!
The food was Bar-B-Q pork was
Delicious!!! Thanks again :)!
Here are a few photo's of our time
I thought it would be cute to get a
picture of Lulu & Bella in their
matching new jamies, NOT so easy!

This isn't going to be very easy...

How about one more, PLEASE!

This was not an easy task!

Lulu & Bella as good as it gets!
Two cousins, two years old!!!

Lulu and Bella (second cousins and both
December babies)!

Spencer 6 1/2(Who says he's been this age for two
years already)...

Beautiful 'Third Generation' picture of
Tammy, Cori & Bella!!!
...private message to Cori...
Love, Love your house, thank you
so much for sharing it with us!!!


Pat and Allison Punteney said...

I agree GREAT TIME! We need to do it more often!

Cori's Stories said...

Well, I am sorry that I have not been checking everyones blogs. Bad Cori. Thank you so much for taking the 20 minute drive ALL the way to my house (even though it was dirty!!!). I knew there would be no one in the world that would understand the love I have for my house, like you would. You should come back some time this summer, I plan on doing so hardcore deep cleaning, blame it on the pregnancy?!?!