Thursday, November 6, 2008

Great Hiking Trip...if ya LOVE RAIN!

The hunt proved unevenful. As far
as a hiking, flora & fauna trip,
it wasn't bad, except for the minor
torrential rain fall every so often.
Jerry did some major hiking straight
up some pretty hefty hills, I opted
to take the low road.

...And, in case you all were wondering
if you should've headed to Packwood
to stock up your freezers with 'elk meat'.
Don't feel bad if you couldn't make
the pilgramage...It looks to some
of the old timers, who are there
yearly, that there were no more
elk than usual. In fact, maybe it
was a ploy to get the hunter business,
into that area.
Who knows, but in the huge area
we were in, nobody...well, except me...
even saw an elk by the time we left
Wednesday, and I barely saw one sneaking
through the trees across the road from
where we were camped, (I didn't see
it's head at all.)
In all fairness though, we do believe
that a lot of elk have moved into town.
But, we heard that the town folk really
don't want them thinned out, as of yet.
Jerry's leaving tomorrow for a few more
days of hunting, so hopefully he'll
luck out and find one to get!

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