Saturday, November 3, 2012

No Trick, always a Treat!

You know I just had to share
a few of our little

Grandpa & I went over to
visit our Grandkiddos,
to share in their
Halloween fun!
Lulu just leaving to go trick or treating!
~is that halo just a tad bent~
Angelo was sick, so he stayed home with
Daddy and Grandpa!

~he's smiling that big under his mask too~
~You mean this remote~
He had fun showing off his costume, and
watching the trick or treaters at their door!

~Whoa, thats a bright light~
Baby Sophia was also coming down with a cold,
and stayed home with Daddy & Grandpa!
Angelo (2 in January) Sophia (5 months)  & Lulu (6 in December)
 ~photo taken by Lacey King~
Cowgirl Audrey (7 years), Masked Trevor (6 in February),
& lil' Pumpkin Jerred (6 months)!
Aren't they adorable?
I knew you'd

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