Sunday, March 10, 2013

Welcome Spring!

We've had a
beautiful weekend,
here in the Pacific NW!
One whole day of
(I'm not complaining,
I was tickled pink about
it...I just know we're
going to have more soon)!
I'm welcoming Spring
with open arms,
lots of Zinnia seeds
to play in the dirt with! 
Doesn't that sound like fun?
...I think so!
I found this sweet wreath
last year at one of my favorite
thrift stores.
I think I was pretty lucky to
find such a beautiful
wreath, especially,
with white tulips,
don't you
There, a sweet little pastel welcome sign...
Now it's just perfect!
Thank you so much for
visiting my blog,
I'd looove it if you left me a
Always, Debbie~

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Spring Has Sprung!

Spring is in the air!
When my Weeping Pussy Willow bloom's,
I know Spring has Sprung!
It's full of the little
Don't you just love Pussy Willows?
...and the little birds love the Willow too!
Sweet little prims...
Thanks for stopping by,
Happy Spring Everyone!!!
Always, Debbie~

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Do You Bunco?

I love my Bunco
We play once a month,
and when there's a
It's Party ON!
If you haven't ever played,
you might look into
starting your own group!
It's a dice game, with
12 players...(you can
talk, and play, no strategy)
Some groups
play with their husbands,
others, like ours, are just
The main thing is, choose
who you know will be fun
and a good fit for your group.
We plan on playing together
The word is out, on how
fun our Bunco gals are,
and we have people asking
to be subs...we actually
have 13 players, and if
we all show up, then many
times, the hostess is just that...
(and sometimes, that's a blessing)!
Check online for Bunco rules.
We each pay $6 dollars to play,
and have money prizes...
The hostess provides dinner, desserts
& sometimes other giftys too,
(that's totally up to her)!
We're a party group, so many times
we go all out for holidays!
Our hostess for Valentine's Day
is also our group creator,
I call her our 'Party Gal',
here are a few pictures of our
Valentine Party!
~Wish you could have been there too~

~a candy bar~

~you could decorate your own cookies~
I forgot to take pictures of the three tables...
they were beautiful, adorned with silver chargers, all set
with hearts sprinkled about, and a heart shaped
box of chocolates in the center of each place setting!
Also a pretty jar with conversation hearts at each table!

I know, I know, I'm terrible about taking pictures...
Jeri (our hostess), also had the most incredible
Panini station set up in front of this area...
with several different types of cheeses, meats,
olives, onions, tomatoes, condiment's etc.
...and what, four different salads!
(OMGoodness, an electric Panini iron, 
and a timer...)

~these are our Birthday cupcakes~
(Each month if someone has a birthday, Pam, 
who we also call the 'Cookie Lady' makes
cupcakes for the birthday girl)!
Oh, and the jar lids you see,
belong to small jars of vanilla ice-cream 
(she'd fixed ahead of time), 
just waiting for the hot fudge topping!
...and this, yep cheescake!
I mean really?
Jeri really goes over the top, don't you agree?
We were waited on, and pampered like you
would not believe!!! There was so much
more, but you get the idea...
pure enjoyment!
I also forgot to take a picture of the bar,
I won't even go into that...too much to tell!
We love you Jeri,
thank YOU, for such a fun
Bunco Party!
We also had a Valentine exchange,
yep, I told you, we looove our parties!
We're pretty much like little girls when
Valentine Day rolls around.
Our hostess with the mostest,
had a bucket ready for each of us...

Over flowing with love, from our
Bunco Girlfriends!
Laughed & Giggled, 
as we went through our loot,
(because the little girl in us
always come out),
 yes it does!!! 
Thank you for visiting my blog,
I'd looove it,
if you'd leave a message!!!
Always, Debbie~

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Her First Valentine Exchange!

Remember the day,
of your
'very first ever'
Valentine exchange?
Such a sweet
A couple of weeks ago,
my Granddaughter Lulu,
 and I, worked on her
first ever, Valentine project
for her kindergarten
Valentine exchange...
For the girls,
I drew a 'Sassy' Lip pattern,
for the boys,

Easy, quick & Fun!
We traced the amount we needed 
onto fun foam,
then I cut them out, 
as Lulu punched the holes
and inserted the heart suckers! 
I ran off her Valentine message,
and we stapled them onto the suckers,
and TA DA, they turned
out adorable!
Lulu loved them!

Finished Valentine!
She could hardly
wait to hand them out!
What fun we had making these!
There she is, Miss Sassy Lips!

I ~mustache~ you... 
My friends,
wouldn't you agree,
that she looks adorable
either way?  
Happy Valentine's Day
Thanks so much
for visiting my
blog, I really appreciate you
stopping by, and would
looove it if you'd leave
a message!
Always, Debbie~

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A Little Peek in Our Cottage at Christmas

Merry Christmas!
Our Festive Wreath!
This has been a great way
to display
a lot of my vintage
I looove
vintage Christmas plastic...

It's like pulling out a
good friend 
Cute chenille Santa's too...
The flash caught this adorable
 bridal couple off guard...
 You know by now,
these two platters are
my go to place,
Holiday quotes!
Speaking of quotes...
The chalkboard is so much fun
This wreath is usually above the mantle,
but the Santa picture gets that special
spot during the Christmas Holiday!
I decided to put this up by the
front door with this little
paper (bag) banner,
I love the simplicity of it!
This jolly ole' guy hangs on the
china cupboard door each year,
he adds such a festive touch!
This vintage candy bag hangs on the
opposite door of Jolly ole' St. Nick!
I have a huge collection
of snow globes,
I'll share them with you someday...
but for fun,
I put together this
snowman, with different sized
fish bowls, I used some of my lil
vintage village to decorate with...
a little snow, a top hat,
and used it as our centerpiece
this year,
what do you think?
I hope you enjoyed this
little peek into our
humble, little
Wishing YOU and YOURS, a
Blessed Christmas!
Always, Debbie!


Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Meaning of Christmas

A Charlie Brown Christmas!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Visit With Our Favorite Santa

Again, it seems I have been absent for far too long.
We're gearing up for Christmas,
it started off with
the Grand kiddos
visit with our favorite 
Saint Nick!
Loving this toothless grin!
...and a pair of high heels

                                                                     Big Hugs

Hi Santa! 
baby Sophia
Do I know you?
...and a new blankie
with trim like this!
I love this one!
~Family picture~
It's a wrap!
I forgot one...
Mommy kissing Santa Claus
Thanks for visiting,
I'm off work for Winter Break,
unless something comes up...
I promise to post some
Christmas decor and fun,
goings on here at
the cottage!
Always, Debbie~
God Bless Us Everyone!
Tiny Tim