Thursday, February 25, 2010

Show and Tell Friday!

I looove this lamp, I've had it since 1984 and was excited
to find the date of '85' on it, so we were able to Celebrate it's
100th. birthday that New Years!

I had it re-wired at a well known light company and
when I picked it up, the fellow behind the counter said,
the man who worked on it wanted to meet me, so he
quickly went to tell him I was there! He told me my lamp
was quite unique as well as rare and he asked if I had all
the glass parts, (because of course, I'd taken it without
all the crystals and shade parts), and yes, I had all
the wonderful parts to it!

He said he'd never seen a lamp like this, and added it
would be impossible to find the glass parts for it, so
I feel very fortunate to have it intact! It had been wired
for electricity years before because, it had the old
ball looking plug-in and it was all very very old and unsafe

I used to be a bit paranoid about my son and his friends
playing in the living room around it for fear it might get broken
(he was just 10 when I brought it home), thank goodness it's
survived and today, it's still one of my favorite pieces!!!
I thought you might enjoy seeing it!

I just found out from a friend, that it's actually called a
'piano lamp', I looked it up online and find it's a
bit more valuable than it was when I bought it and I
thought it was a small fortune back then,when I found
it at my favorite anique store. It doesn't even matter that
it's been re-wired and no longer a kerosene lamp!

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Our Little Cottage Playhouse Project!

We've been ever so lucky as to have
this doghouse, playhouse given to us, by a
neighbor. It was left by renters, built for their
two dogs (that never liked it)! I thought from
the beginning, that it would be a darling
like our Granddaughters!
Don't you agree?
This picture will be the official BEFORE pic!
Grandpa's a house painter and very busy during the summer
months,(usually working until dark o'clock),
this project will be a labor of love,
worked on during moments of inspiration and
with visions of little girls dreams, smiles, giggles & laughter
 coming from the direction of this teeny tiny cottage
in our backyard! 

Ohhh sooooo much work to do!!!

But the AFTER picture in my head is what

This picture below is exactly what I invision when I think of the
perfect little girls playhouse!
This gorgeous playhouse, is Linda McDonald's daughters,
you can see and read all about it in Linda's blog,

(image from Restyled Home)
Always, Debbie~

Monday, February 22, 2010

Time Out for a Coffee Break! Here's Mine, show me YOURS, (favorite espresso stand that is)!!!

This is one of my favorite little espresso stands, it's called 
HotSpot Coffee.
I'm sure you can see why I loooove it so!
They serve a tasty raspberry mocha!
Isn't it adorable?
Coffee Pot!

Always, Debbie~

Friday, February 19, 2010

Winter Cloche Party

How fun, there's a 'Cloche Party' going on over at Marty's
A Stroll Thru Life , it's fantastic, you won't believe how
creative these bloggers are, please try to visit as many
of the participants of this party that you can, you'll be amazed
at all the different types of cloche's you'll see and how creative
everyone is!!!
Here's mine, they're still decorated with their Valentine's Day Fun!

My Valentine to my Granddaughters Mercedes (Sades) & Lulu!
 My sweet vintage doll, I've had her for aprox. 20 years, I looove her, she used to have
hair, someday I'll treat her to a new wig! :) (When I find out what it should look like)!
Isn't she as Cute as a Cupcake?

This is my new cloche, I looove how it fits into my humble 
little cottage perfectly, the little birds look right at home!
(Sorry about the shine on this picture)!

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Always, Debbie~

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Long Ago it was Hidden Away, but now, it's a Beloved Treasure!

This little cupboard had a re-make several years ago,
it was an ugly duckling a diomond in the rough,
with dark black/brown stain, gold veined mirror tiles
along the back and strangly, it had doors,
but no glass!
I promptly broke out all the mirror tiles
and added glass to the doors...
right after, I painted the whole thing
now I looove it! It became home to part of my Hull collection,
some of my fave's in fact!

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Always, Debbie~

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New Treasures to Share!

I want to share a couple of my new finds that make me smile
each time I come home! This little love seat use to be in my
family room which is decorated in 'lodge style', it's a rustic
little thing that looks like it's covered with a native american
blanket fabric, quite perfect if it was to stay in that room...

However, I needed the seating in our living room and can
you imagine how tickled I was to find this wonderful
slipcover for a mere $19.99 at my favorite thrift store!
No, it's not a perfectly fitted one like I hope to have
someday, but for now, it's just fine it's okay! My
significant other recently found the antler shed after
feeding some deer where he was staying on San
Juan Island and I found the little cloche on a trip
over the Mts. a couple of weekends ago! It all goes
so well with my white stenciled wall! Don't ya think?

Stop over at Faded*Charm for White Wednesday #35,
 her new chair is lovely and be sure and visit as many
participants of WW that you can, they're ever so talented!

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Monday, February 15, 2010

Flea Market Trixie's Delightful Giveaway!

Trixie from Flea Market Trixie is having a giveaway for reaching her goal of 250 followers,
(of which I was one of),   The prize is a handmade linen pillow.
Trixie added this gorgeous vintage Paris label that she found at the Graphics Fairy blog.

All you have to do to enter, is leave a comment on her blog. If you would like an additional chance to win, you can blog about her giveaway, just add your blog link with your comment.

Giveaway ends on Friday, February 19th at 5 pm (eastern time).

She'll announce the winner Sunday, February 21st. How fun is this and wouldn't YOU just LOVE
to have such a beautiful pillow? (my fingers are crossed)!
Always, Debbie~

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Sorry this is so late, I decided to share some of the goodies I recieved for Valentine's Day,
from my kiddos at work and my Bunco Gals,(thank YOU everyone)!
But wait...where's all the chocolate? I'll never tell!

I hope your day was

Always, Debbie~

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Show & Tell Friday!

I'm so happy you stopped by, have you been over to Cindy's at 'My Romantic Home'? Do try to visit as many Show & Tell participants as you can squeeze in,
it's a blast seeing what everyone's up too, talk about
a talented bunch!!!

I can't wait until it's officially Spring, so I've decided
to put together this "Four Season" picture of my little
corner of the world!(The Winter picture is from last year,
because we didn't get snow this year)... Oh dear, I hope
I didn't just jinx us!!!

My cottage garden is one of my favorite places to
while away the hours...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, I enjoy
reading all your messages!

Always, Debbie~

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Crafty Valentine's & Tiera's for my Bunco Gals!

On our Bunco Valentine invitations it said for all of us to wear our Bling & tiera's
so I made one of these for each of us!

So with my trusty scissors and glitter, I came up with these little crowns, aren't they cute?

We all wore them, how fun was that?!

...and then I made a sweet 'Heart in Hand' Valentine for all
the girls!

I embossed a small heart inside the bigger heart!

I was so excited to have all of the 'Heart in Hand'
Valentine's done, I forgot to take a picture of the
finished product, they had a pretty ribbon tied
around a string of mini pearls under the sweet raised

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I'm a bit of a tree hugger, I looove my lil corner of 'Mother Earth'!

A few weeks ago we had a pretty bad wind storm, which
kept me awake for a few hours, at one point I was up
and actually heard a tree snap. I thought it was one
of my neighbors, but sadly we found out the next day
it was a HUGE limb from one of our giant Maple trees!
It hung up on limbs high above and was very dangerous!
My Dad has always called them 'Widow Makers', not a
very nice thought at all! We weren't really able to
enjoy ourselves outside, knowing it could and would
eventually fall!

Even though our two maples are a huge amount of work
every Fall, I adore them, I love having my own little
eco system right in my own back yard, my own small
forest that give so much to us, and several critters
call it home. Between our two maple trees & several
cedar trees, our back yard is always a shady peaceful
haven for all of us that co-exsist in this habitat!

I looove my trees and yesterday we lost one and my
heart is saddened by it's loss!

You get the jest of how majestic this beautiful Maple is!

This is the limb that broke off, it looks like a small limb,
but it's HUGE and very dangerous!

...and there he is, I'll just call him 'Jack' for lumber
jack, the man with the saw!

He's just started cutting some limbs...

and the next thing you know Maple looks like this!

I'm glad I wasn't home to watch.

A long day for six men working non-stop, they did a great job
cleaning up after it was down too!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Show & Tell Friday!

Thank you sooo much for stopping by my Show & Tell,
if you haven't been over to Cindy's at My Romantic
hop on over to see the gorgeous hand painted
cake plate her friend Lorrie sent her! Don't forget to
stop by as many of the other S & T Friday participants
that you can, it's a blast to see what everyone's up to!
We've enjoyed this on our dining room table this week,
it's very cheery, festive...and full of AMORE!
Don't you just love my sweet hairless doll? I found
this treasure years ago and haven't been able to
find out her maker nor have I ever found another one
to see what kind of wig would be best suited for her!
Isn't she as sweet as a cupcake? I think so!

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Always, Debbie~

Monday, February 1, 2010

Lulu's first cupcakes at Nana's house!

I just had to share this with you! All of us who've
ever been a Mom, Grandma, sister or special Auntie
know, these moments are precious and to be cherished~
She had so much fun making these cupcakes, her Dad was sick and
she was excited to take them home to him!
Sooo cute!
She'd just turned 3 a few days before this, so this was
extra special!

Her Nana's heart could burst!

She likes the way they turned out and just had to see how
they smelled...MMMMMmmmm,they passed the test, sadly we
got busy and I forgot to grab the camera when she ate one!

Always, Debbie~